Pousada das Praias

The Pousada


A little history

Pousada das Praias was planned and built by its owners who worked in the city of S. Paulo and enjoyed the weekends on the beaches, as is called this area of the S. Paulo seaside. The architecture and the construction were the work of architects Leonel Toledo Barros Junior and Márcia Carvalho, who brought to the group architect Caiuby Penteado an expert in wood buildings who had worked with famous designer Zanini Caldas

Try the rustic with plenty of comfort

Open on April 1990, Pousada das Praias may be described as charming although rustic. With time it received improvements and enlargements, it won an Events Hall.

Pousada and the community

Pousada das Praias and its owners have always been involved with the community activities to improve the region. They helped in the development of a take off area for free flights and paragliders on the Morro da Vilela, between the Camburi and Boiçucanga beaches.
They helped on the establishment of the Nucleo S. Sebastião do Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, on the building of its office and on the formation of the park´s monitors trained to take tourists safely to the Serra do Mar waterfalls. They helped on the establishment of the Estação Ecológica Tupinambás, which protects o Arquipélago de Alcatrazes.

Pousada and television

To show the improvements on the establishment of the Nucleo São Sebastião do Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Pousada and its owners created Direto da Praias (Straight from the Beaches), an unusual and humorous television series in the air since 1999, with 30 minute programs speaking of preservation, environmental awareness and the self supporting utilization of the areas of the park and its encirclement, where are beaches, islands and cities like S.Sebastião. Mixing reporting with documentary spicy with humour of brief scenes, the program exploits the region´s History, with its focus on the efforts in the establishment of the park´s nucleus. In 2005 Direto das Praias was selected among more than 2500 works of 39 countries in the Tokyo Video Festival , a competitive event which stimulates the creativity in the production of videos.

Pousada and culture

In the period between May and September Saturday evenings. Pousada das Praias use to present shows of music and dance, besides directed talks with focus on a theme treated by a smart and prepared person for an interested conversation.
The contemporary dance group OMSTRAD has a tradition of having always its final rehearses in the Pousada, in a presentation exploring the Pousada`s spaces.
Without much announcement the directed talks intend only to enrich the program of who is in the Pousada, with subjects like:

• Report of Travel to Thailand;
• Expedition to the Pico da Neblina;
• Mercosul;
• New Medias;
• Nature`s Aesthetic – projection of slide;
• Ecotourism in the Serra do Mar;
• Xamanism;
• 50 Years of Flying Saucers;
• The Secret Life of Carnivorous Plants;
• Who eats whom in the beaches – The Food Chain in the Coast Fauna ;
• Yoga energies;
• The Construtiveness and the Modern Art.