Pousada das Praias

Cultural Agenda

A Pousada das Praias since its creation, was known for its cultural activities. On account of the envelopment of its owners with this group, Pousada always brought many artists to Camburizinho, that began to be also known as Beach of the Artists. Besides several personalities who came as costumers, music and dance shows are presented.


It is predicted the presentation of “Gandhi” with João Signorelli – June, 4 – 2016

Entre as apresentações mais recentes, tivemos:

The well known contemporary dance group OMSTRAD has made its last rehearses in the Pousada, exploring its spaces, anticipating shows presented abroad.

Contemporary dance – November 14, 2015 – “work in progress” of its new show  “Invisible Flow”

The Beach Friends


Diego Sales Quarteto

Mali Sampaio

Carlos Franco Drummond